Twilight is crap because it isn't bacon.
crap reason    good reason    not sure
People also think Twilight is crap because it:
teaches young girls unrealistic views of EVERYTHING [crap good]
is the story of a 16 year old girl's struggle to choose beastiality or necrophilia. [crap good]
gives girls a reason to say they like to read, when theyve only read one series of books, ever. What a joke. [crap good]
has a werewolf fall in love with a baby. WITH A BABY [crap good]
shows young women that not only is it cool to be in an abusive relationship but that it's glamorous. [crap good]
has vampires who sparkle. [crap good]
gives dumb teenage girls the wrong idea about what literature REALLY is. [crap good]
exists [crap good]
reminds me how stupid humanity is capable of being. [crap good]
promotes abusive relationships [crap good]
misrepresents vampires [crap good]
is a horrifying glimpse into Stephanie Myer's sexual fantasies. [crap good]
lacks originality, and has character development comparable to a smashed egg. [crap good]
promotes child grooming, a tactic used by child predators to raise the child in order to have sex later. [crap good]
makes people stupid. [crap good]
shows the level of understanding about human relationships that someone blind from birth would show about depth perception. [crap good]
promotes bestiality, necrophilia, abusive relationships and borderline pedophila. [crap good]
glorifies stalking and abuse. [crap good]
has vampires that sparkle. Only gay men sparkle. [crap good]
made someone believe the author invented werewolves. [crap good]
started a wave of crappy vampire/werewolf movies [crap good]
is no Harry Potter, that's for sure. [crap good]
involves sparkling vampires. [crap good]
has horrifyingly bad writing. [crap good]
is the least passionate love story ever told [crap good]
severely limiting developing minds. [crap good]
ruined vampires forever [crap good]
isn't a book/movie. It's a vibrator disguised like a book/movie. Also, Jaws is a shark. [crap good]
it's main actor is "allergic to vaginas". Sorry girls. [crap good]
spotlights the degradation of our culture. [crap good]
has Bedazzled vampires. [crap good]
gives women unrealistic expectations of men that I have no hope of living up to. [crap good]
Shows that interpersonnal relationships between two people must follow indoctrined behavior. [crap good]
is full of crap [crap good]
A FUCKING BABY [crap good]
is plagarism at its finest [crap good]
instills false hopes into the youth of america [crap good]
has vampires who don't drink human blood [crap good]
accidentally the whole book! THE WHOLE BOOK! [crap good]
made my friend buy a lifesize cutout of edward cullen which scared the poo out of me when i went to her house. [crap good]
makes nasty fat bitches wear shirts with guys they are way too old for. [crap good]
overshadowed decent vampire films like 'let the right one in' and 'thirst' [crap good]
is contrived banal mormon propaganda. [crap good]
has way too much lip-biting action [crap good]
promotes stalking [crap good]
is responsible for the baby of my 13 year old daughter, who is raising it to think it's half vampire and half werewolf. [crap good]
just isn't very good but tales up an extraordinary amount of human attention. Oh damn. [crap good]
is unforgivably dull [crap good]
causes literary diabetes. [crap good]
's twilight [crap good]
STILL hasn't come out of the closet. [crap good]
makes teenage girls want to have sex with vampires [crap good]
makes me want to kick myself in the balls [crap good]
makes infants horny [crap good]
voted for sarah palin [crap good]
makes me hate vampires [crap good]
does the same thing as a soap. It makes people want their lives to be just like the movie. Its pathetic!! [crap good]
is corporate explotation. [crap good]
Made me submit this [crap good]
's fucking twilight. 'nuff said. [crap good]
made Spiderman 3 look good. [crap good]
is not bacon [crap good]
doesn't make any sense [crap good]
is zoofilic and necrofilic [crap good]
was written by a Mormon. [crap good]
made my girlfriend go fuck a vampire instead of me [crap good]
brought crazed fan girls to Washington. [crap good]
represents weakness and indecision. It's either day or it's not. [crap good]
it is Twilight. [crap good]
promotes pædophilia and bestiality. [crap good]
ruined Kristen Stewart's acting career. [crap good]
is Twilight. [crap good]
supports abstinence propaganda D: [crap good]
just is. It just, fucking, is. [crap good]
makes peple think of it when they hear Kristen Stewart's name, not Adventureland. Bastards. [crap good]
has ruined Reddit. [crap good]
fuckin shouldnt be on reddit [crap good]
shot a policeman, then stole his hat, then went to the toilet in his hat, then sent the hat to his grieving widow [crap good]
accidentally vampire's reputation [crap good]
is fucking with my fiance's head [crap good]
Is mental masturbation for illiterate fat bible belt inbred girls. [crap good]
just fucking blows. [crap good]
encourages necrophilia and beastiality. [crap good]
shot President Lincoln. [crap good]
just is [crap good]
sucks a big fat dick [crap good]
is not anything at all like star wars. [crap good]
didn't even give me the courtesy of a reach around [crap good]
is not true Literature. [crap good]
bored the shit out of me. I had to wipe!! [crap good]
derp duh derp derp [crap good]
isn't Blues Brothers. [crap good]
this is why we cant have anything nice [crap good]
makes Buffy The Vampire Slayer look good [crap good]
doesn't involve Blade killing the Vampire family. [crap good]
made me spend 10 min reading pointless rant (that I'd have posted, if i had come here earlier) [crap good]
has a deadly virus called ID10T [crap good]
is so unrealistic, has awful, underdeveloped characters, a bad story, bad writing in general, and promotes stalking. [crap good]
made me question evolution [crap good]
just does [crap good]
accidentally the whole thing. [crap good]
is crap [crap good]
just is. [crap good]
is not reddit. [crap good]
makes baby Jesus cry [crap good]
has made itself utterly undefendable, even though it's not that bad [crap good]
makes me want to shit [crap good]
ruined astronomy for me! [crap good]
kills fetuses before they are born, thus acting like a retroactive spermicide. [crap good]
means bedtime and I can't wait for tomorrow when me and my best friend will sneak out to the woods and make love like mom said. [crap good]
sucks balls [crap good]
what is REAL literature? my college english teach made us read the dumbest shit. So don't try that defense cause it won't work [crap good]
is crap. [crap good]
alert('IT SUCKS!'); [crap good]
uh... yeah, what they said. [crap good]
made me buy a sparkling dildo [crap good]
replaced the cane sugar in Coke with high-fructose corn syrup [crap good]
is sooooooooooo gay [crap good]
stole my boyfriend [crap good]
It caused Global warming, and Ozone depletion.oh and my girlfriend gave me the chlamidia she got from fucking a sparkly vampire. [crap good]
took the last slice of pizza. [crap good]
isn't day but at the same time it's not quite night. CHOOSE A SIDE, 6 O'CLOCK! [crap good]
hates asians [crap good]
is a tool [crap good]
made a love child of Sirius Black and Remus Lupin native and full of fail >: plagiarism, not ftw [crap good]
doesn't contain any scenes where Simon Belmont comes and kicks some ass [crap good]
killed my mother [crap good]
Fucked that monkey and started AIDS [crap good]
promotes Communism [crap good]
causes cancer [crap good]
fucked me and never said thank you. [crap good]
takes it up the ass [crap good]
endorses diet soda. [crap good]
does not mean what you think it means [crap good]
Edward is a poop stabber. [crap good]
is pro-vampire propaganda [crap good]
had it coming, dressed like that. [crap good]
It suck, it's just does [crap good]
is shit [crap good]
may or may not of rape and killed a girl in 1990 [crap good]
is written by a retard [crap good]
mormon mormon mormon mormon [crap good]
turned a fruit into a vegetable. [crap good]
doesn't adequately address the protein folding problem. [crap good]
touches itself at night [crap good]
made me destroy my grandma with a brick. [crap good]
is always raining. Nowhere rains that much...seriously. [crap good]
contains vampire baseball [crap good]
has Shark Boy in it, yet no Lava Girl [crap good]
It sent nations to war and is now being used as a Weapon of mass DESTRUCTION [crap good]
made me sad [crap good]
fucked my sister [crap good]
turned me gay [crap good]
contains high levels of uranium [crap good]
makes me want to kill a puppy [crap good]
RULE 34 [crap good]
my sister turned into a sparkly vampire and then fingered me [crap good]
has a female writer, director and actress, yet she submits like a 40s whore [crap good]
made me finger my own ass [crap good]
destroyed our economy. [crap good]
makes me sick [crap good]
turned me into a Juggalo. [crap good]
is in my ass and I am squeezing it out right now. [crap good]
vampires don't do that. i would start with my girl's sister cause she is like a hotter version of my girl. Jaws is a shark. [crap good]
rapes kittens and puppies [crap good]
is an alcohol and its destroying his family [crap good]
is not boxxy [crap good]
tuk arr jaaarbs! [crap good]
Meyer did not personally place a slice of bacon under the front cover of each published book. [crap good]
super mega guy [crap good]
turns me on in a gay way [crap good]
petted a burning dog. [crap good]
killed my father, and raped my mother! [crap good]
has both male and female genitalia [crap good]
makes people carp. [crap good]
uses digg instead of reddit [crap good]
turned me into a newt [crap good]
killed my brother [crap good]
also killed Crystal Pepsi [crap good]
made me cry [crap good]
tried to fuck a pirate in the ass, but could only find the dog. [crap good]
derp derp derp [crap good]
makes hotdogs from the skin around Kristen Stewart's anus. [crap good]
turned me gay. [crap good]
makesm e sick [crap good]
makes me want hardcore anal with a tiger. [crap good]
raped my sister with a broom handle [crap good]
provokes my ephebophilia [crap good]
crushes baby's skulls between its thighs. [crap good]
gayer than Spongebob and more vegan than the fat ugly dike living next door to me. And their eyes change color... wtf?? [crap good]
totally is harry potter [crap good]
made me touch its ass pennies. [crap good]
touches me there, and there [crap good]
it is. sometimes i wish i was an asshole so i could cheat on my girl and eat other girl's asses. [crap good]
poops hard [crap good]
killed my father and raped my mother [crap good]
killed my father. My name is Indigo Montoya. [crap good]
made me turn gay [crap good]
made me cum in a homeless man's butthole [crap good]
I'm like OMG but just for lolz cause I want his hands on my boobs so bad. Fuck this bra so I squirm out and toss it in the bush. [crap good]
made me pregnant. [crap good]
licked my poop [crap good]
doesn't have Buffy [crap good]
smells like cheese. [crap good]
didn't call me back after living in my ass for a fortnight. [crap good]
makes meh poop taco shits. [crap good]
made my chickens turn inside out and got one of them pregnant with quadruplets and three of them died. [crap good]
stole my virginity and ran away with it [crap good]
was the cause of the Holocaust [crap good]
gave me herpes [crap good]
killed my father [crap good]
makes my pee pee shrivel into my stomach. [crap good]
stopped P-Dub from doing his homework. [crap good]
gave me hard stool [crap good]
it is. But taint is awesome. When Tina gets out the shower and her ass is all sweet I just have to mash my face in there and [crap good]
gave me gout. [crap good]
plays softball for fucks sake. [crap good]
doesn't have a fucking hot vampire sherriff named Eric Northman in it. [crap good]
gave Obama AIDS. [crap good]
reminds me of gay jews [crap good]
rapes baby guinea pigs. [crap good]
turn me into an inside out penis. [crap good]
killed my dog [crap good]
reddt hates jews and is racist against blacks often [crap good]
didn't star Ben Affleck. [crap good]
does not support Palin Beck 2012 [crap good]
killed jesus [crap good]
jesus sucks cocks [crap good]
hi im 12 and what is this [crap good]
has chupacabras in it. [crap good]
created the Jews. [crap good]
`s a TRAPT! [crap good]
made me bake a cake for your mother. [crap good]
why' "is " 'this crap' "on />reddit [crap good]
is. You dont need a towel. Just a good knife, an accurate clock, and four score slaves for the wandering labors. Jaws is a shark. [crap good]
got rid of the McShamrock Shake [crap good]
dead sex flashlight robot. [crap good]
FALCON [crap good]
isn't AirWolf [crap good]
when he tries to get up I grab his belt and pull him back. He's confused but then he get's it and straddles me. [crap good]
stole my sister from me. [crap good]
carl is way better bro [crap good]
he grabs some of my shirt and rips it open (it's just buttons so the shirt is ok). [crap good]
may kadoody [crap good]
gets me all hot and bothered [crap good]
totally harmless [crap good]
hey hey [crap good]